Guardian ad Litem

When the family go to war with the social services over children in any court action, the court will appoint a Guardian ad Litem from the ranks of Cafass, to speak for the children. If the children are deemed to be of an age to talk to the court they can or the judge may wish to see them on their own. The wishes of the children are supposed to be paramount!

Oh no they are not! The Guardian visited my family very briefly, took down a few details then told the court that although she believed all my family wished me to be home, she felt I should not be allowed.

From what we can understand, the Cafcass Officers are Social workers with a big SS badge!

During the family court proceedings, Guardian ad Litem sat with all her friends in the same room, her friends being the social service contingent, who she referred to by first name. All nice and cosy, never mine the complete destruction of our family, with the prospect of it continuing beyond my daughters sixteenth birthday, if she was not strong enough to be taking it back to court.

Other families with less determination, or even younger children may at this point have given in to the bullying and said goodbye. How these people sleep at night I cannot think, they must lead very solitary lives, if they don't, they should.

What a monstrous system we have of trusting one individual to determine the future of a young person's life, on having seen and talked to them for twenty minutes! For the judge appeared to take totally what the Guardian said at face value, never even apologising for the fact he had organised his verdict before he entered the court!
Together with the social service view that I should be kept from the house, because of my continuing "denial", which is at the heart of all this crap anyway, you will understand why I repeat, again never think any of the Social Services as your friend.

The Guardian is supposed to interview all the parties involved, make sure this happens, complain to her/his manager if you feel this is not or has not happened.

Your children will be assigned a solicitor by the Guardian, if they think or you think that this solicitor is too close to the Guardian's view, change to another solicitor. I would find a solicitor for the children anyway, so you at least change the tank water to clear, before the court case starts. More important, is you may find that any friendship and business bonds that are in play, may not even exist if you get your own solicitor!

I will put the details of the Cafcass complaints address on the links page when they have set up the system to do so, the new system has only been running a year so give them time.

I will update this page as my family takes the social services again, to court.